ASMR Mic Scratching, Mic Pumping, Mic Swirling with Whispering and Mouth Sounds FT. @Abigail10xAsmr

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This Video Repeats 3 Times

(0:00 – 4:05) ASMR + Spa Water Fountain + Background Music
(4:06 – 8:10) ASMR + Water Sounds (No Music)
(8:11 – 12:17) ASMR Only (No Water Sounds or Music)

From The Patreon Exclusive Video:

ASMR Day Spa Bliss with Abigail10x – Mic Magic & Sensory Delights | The Jointz TV”

🌟 Welcome to an exclusive ASMR experience with the mesmerizing Abigail10x ASMR , brought to you by The Jointz TV! 🌟

Full Video Here:

Full Audio Here:

In this Patreon-exclusive video, ASMR sensation Abigail10x takes you on a soothing, sensory journey unlike any other. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of tingles and relaxation, with a variety of triggers designed to calm your mind and soothe your senses.

🎤 **Mic Pumping and Swirling**: Abigail10x begins with the hypnotic sounds of mic pumping and swirling, creating a gentle, rhythmic sensation that will ease you into a state of deep relaxation.

🌀 **Mic Scratching and Rubbing**: The journey continues with delicate mic scratching and rubbing. The subtle, textured sounds are crafted to stimulate your senses and provide a uniquely satisfying ASMR experience.

👁️ **Intimate Eye Contact**: Experience the warmth of Abigail10x’s gentle gaze. Her intimate eye contact forms a personal connection, making you feel as though she’s right there with you.

👐 **Hand and Lotion Sounds**: The soothing sounds of hands gliding with lotion are not only calming but also create a deeply immersive auditory experience.

🎨 **Spit Painting**: Engage in the unique and intriguing sounds of spit painting, a rare and captivating trigger that adds an exotic touch to your ASMR experience.

🗣️ **Mouth Sounds and Whispering**: Enjoy the soft, delicate mouth sounds and gentle whispering from Abigail10x. Her soothing voice and close-up whispers are perfect for unwinding after a long day.

💋 **Close-Up Kisses**: The video culminates with tender, close-up kisses, providing a sense of comfort and affection, rounding off your ASMR journey perfectly.

This video is a sanctuary for your senses, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As a valued Patreon supporter, you get exclusive access to this special content, lovingly created by Abigail10x. Your support on Patreon allows us to continue bringing you high-quality, unique ASMR content.

🔔 Remember to wear headphones for the best binaural experience, and allow yourself to be enveloped in the soothing sounds and visuals.

Thank you for your support and enjoy this exclusive sensory retreat!

💖 Presented with love by The Jointz TV. 💖

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