Collect Call, Episode 9: 1st Guest Call – Katt Williams Part 1

Suge gets his first collect call from none other than Katt Williams. Katt and Suge are family and they catch up to discuss the impact of Katt’s monumental interview with Shannon Sharpe. They talk about next steps to creating change. Katt is in the studio working on his album and plays Suge an exclusive preview of Katt’s response to Ludacris.

1:46 Suge talks about a conversation he had with his son Legend about Katt’s interview on the Shannon Sharpe podcast

3:32 Suge recalls an early encounter with Katt where he learned just how much love and respect Katt had for Tupac. Suge talks about how many of the people who were close to Pac never displayed the kind of loyalty after he died that he saw in Katt that day.

6:55 Katt says he felt he was Pac and Pac was him, and he thought the way Pac died didn’t make sense. Katt talks about the unbreakable bond that he and Suge have.

11:08 Suge says Pac and Katt are the two baddest mf’s in the world and asks Katt if he’s heard people calling him “Katt Pac.” Katt explains how he feels about this and then brings up Jada Pinkett and Will Smith.

12:54 Suge talks about what needs to be done now that Katt has opened up people’s eyes. Katt says he is building a 200-acre movie studio. Suge talks about some tv series he wants to create with Katt.

14:38 Suge asks Katt about his new album. Katt reveals that he has a song with Cardi B on his album. Suge calls Cardi the female version of Tupac.

18:05 Suge plans to get his freedom soon and tells Katt he needs to get off the phone and go work out.

18:43 Suge calls back while Katt is in the studio working on a Ludacris response record. Katt plays the song over the phone and Suge calls it “Hit Em Up Part 2.”

25:23 Suge calls out to TD Jakes, Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump to take his Collect Call.

26:22 Suge mentions that he heard about Yo Gotti’s brother being killed and speaks on how the major record labels make money from the violence surrounding the hip-hop industry while they don’t have to deal with the devastating real-life consequences.

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