Collect Call W/Suge Knight, Episode 12: Salute The Women

Suge starts off talking about why he likes Taylor Swift, and moves on to talk about some of the many women in music who have impacted his life at various stages and why he respects each of them. Artists ranging from Freda Payne and Teena Marie, to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Whitney Houston and others are all discussed. Suge switches gears in the last segment of the episode, addressing the current state of beefing taking place among women in hip-hop music, and calls out the way some podcast platforms are being misused and are helping to create and inflame real-life conflicts.

1:32 Suge talks about why he likes Taylor Swift and give his take on the way she’s impacted the NFL

3:52 Suge was disappointed after watching the recent Grammys award show and tells us why

8:52 Suge addresses his use of the word “bitch”

9:30 Suge talks about the woman who made him fall in love with music

11:25 Suge has fond memories of times spent with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

13:57 Suge tells a wild story about why Whitney Houston had to show up to meet some people with $450,000 cash

21:22 Suge talks about how having too much security is not living life

24:00 Suge talks about his motivation to go to college and the camaraderie he had with his football teammates

28:45 Suge warns today’s top female rappers about all the beefing going on amongst them, and encourages them to focus on empowering each other

32:43 Suge talks about the FBI’s connections with the music industry and the new-age hip-hop police methods

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Executive Producers: Dave Mays (@therealdavemays) & Brett Jeffries (@igobybrettj)
Executive Producer: Toi-Lin Kelly
Editor & Producer: Trae Quaintance for Black Wolf Agency
Producer: Christopher Samuel (@Christylezz)
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