DCMWG Talks The Breakfast Club, Donald Trump & 2020 Election, Gun Laws The PragerU Curriculum + More

Episode 103 | This Is AmeriKKKa | On this episode DCMWG begins with a recap of her experience co-hosting on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy, Donald Trump was arrested in connections with efforts to overturn the 2020 election results(10:56), the issue with gun control & gun laws in the United States starts where?(18:36), Docs With Damona returns with Netflix’s latest drama series ‘Painkillers’(25:18), Eric Mena, Bambi & Zell Swag gets arrested after a scuffle at the club which leads to the question of do you help your significant other in a fight?(37:30), DCMWG recalls back to the previous episode to correct her statement regarding the Covid-19 vaccine(39:34), The PragerU curriculum was approved in Florida and it’s causing controversy(41:09), Darkside Of The DM(49:09) & more.

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Filmed on Location: Jet Phynx Films

Executive Producers for BreakBeat: Dave Mays, Brett Jeffries & Don’t Call Me White Girl

Producer: Tom Flies

Production: Creative Mind Productions: Vernon Ray(@AllMoneyShots) & Zack James(@ZJames_RHC)

Instagram: @BreakBeatMedia @DontCallMeeWhiteGirl @PhelpsJugo @TomFlies

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