DCMWG Talks Waco Documentary, Gun Laws In America, Shanquella Robinson, Candace Owen’s, Lizzo + More

Episode 85 | Keep It Documented | On this episode DCMWG jumps right into Doc’s With Damona to discuss The Waco documentary on Netflix (3:29), the Oklahoma doc about Timothy McVeigh raises a topic of debate regarding gun laws in America (12:26), The Angel Reese & Caitlin Clark debacle (26:29), Joe & Jill sitting in a tree (32:17), the latest in the Shanquella Robinson case (37:40), Candace Owens’ comments about Lizzo (54:16) & more.

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Filmed on Location: Poddy Time Philly

Executive Producers for Breakbeat: Dave Mays & Brett Jeffries

Executive Producer: Don’t Call Me White Girl

Producer: Tom Flies,
Production Management: Creative Mind Productions- Vernon Ray & Zack James

Instagram: @BreakbeatMedia @DontCallMeeWhiteGirl @PhelpsJugo @TomFlies @AllMoneyShots @ZJames_RHC

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