Collect Call, Episode 10: No Gray Area

Collect Call, Episode 10: No Gray Area

Suge continues to share his insight on the state of the current entertainment business and the way it treats Black talent. He discusses his belief in God and his determination to use his platform to do things that can help his people. He talks about true friendship and how dangerous so-called friends can be.

2:09 Suge shares his feelings about Taraji P. Henson, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey

5:32 Suge addresses the hiring of British actors to play Black American roles in films and TV shows

8:38 Suge relates the advice his grandmother gave him about preachers when he was a boy, and sends an invitation to TD Jakes to take his Collect Call

10:10 Suge talks about his childhood and some of the things his mother did to try to help others in their neighborhood. He describes a lesson he learned from his father and extends an offer to help someone from his old neighborhood get some therapy.

16:04 Suge talks about what makes someone a true friend and talks about how real his friendship has always been with boxing champion Mike Tyson

19:01 Suge mentions that he was told about the recent interview that Michael Harris did with TMZ and that he’s heard that Interscope may be doing a deal with Snoop and Michael Harris

23:10 Suge shows a photo of the security walkie talkie that Warren G described in his recent Drink Champs interview. This walkie talkie has been at the center of some of the theories surrounding how Tupac was killed.

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Executive Producer: Toi-Lin Kelly
Editor & Producer: Trae Quaintance for Black Wolf Agency
Producer: Christopher Samuel (@Christylezz)
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