Collect Call W/Suge Knight, Episode 11: The Fight

Suge discusses the history of the grooming of Black talent in the music industry. Starting with Michael Jackson and Berry Gordy, Suge traces a line that includes Russell Simmons, Andre Harrell, Puffy, Usher and others. Suge shares his views on how so many Black entertainers feel that they have to change their looks, change the way they talk and are made to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Suge shifts gears and directly addresses Snoop Dogg about his involvement with the “new” Death Row Records.

2:40 Why people used to call the music business “devil’s music”

3:00 Suge talks about knowing Michael Jackson and how his father tried to protect his kids from the underbelly of the music business

4:30 Berry Gordy’s secret life and his relationship with Michael Jackson

6:20 Suge talks about the relationship between Russell Simmons, Andre Harrell and Puffy

9:06 Suge talks about Dr. Dre working with the kids’ group Immature and the problem that developed with their manager/producer Chris Stokes

11:49 Suge talks about the double standards of how USC has treated OJ Simpson and Reggie Bush as opposed to others like Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine

15:58 Suge and Dave discuss how Hip-Hop was always about being true to yourself and how things have changed over the years

20:06 Suge talks about the ownership of Death Row Records and sends a direct message to Snoop Dogg

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Executive Producers: Dave Mays (@therealdavemays) & Brett Jeffries (@igobybrettj)
Executive Producer: Toi-Lin Kelly
Editor & Producer: Trae Quaintance for Black Wolf Agency
Producer: Christopher Samuel (@Christylezz)
Audio: Tsun4miBeats
Sound effects: Envato Elements
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